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How to fish with lures

How to fish with lures

                                   How to fish with lures

Have you ever used lures for fishing? Lures are using for fishing from 2,000 B.C. Lures are made up of different kind of materials such as sizes, colors, styles, and sizes. You can use lures for attracting fishes and for convincing them to take a bite into the attached hook.  Do you want to go fishing with the lures? Then you need to know the most common types of techniques how you can do fishing with lures?

Get a variety of lures for the experiment:

The primary purpose of doing fishing with the lures is to copy the movements of natural prey of fish as best as possible. There are a different variety of lures are available that vary in color shapes and size.

  • Size and type of lure generally depended on the kind of species that you want to target. There are no specific rules for various lures, the idea behind it, match the natural prey.

You can use the spoons, jigs, crankbait, spinning rules and the plug.

Tips for using lures for fishing:

  • When you do fishing with lure, try to figure out the ways of fishes are responding that day. Sometimes fishes react well to many pauses and twitches. There are many times when fishes respond to the lure,  but not to the bite.
  • Use the scent on the lures, especially on the soft plastic lures that have the smell in it. You can use scent on other lures too like for bug repellent and the sunscreen.
  • When you are doing fishing with the sinking lures, the depth of retrieve varies until you find the fish. You can use the counting process until you find the bottom.
  • If you have the weak lure action, then try using the lighter leader. Especially if you have the smaller lures, the diameter of the line can have a considerable effect at that action.
  • You can use trolling plugs for working well and straightly. If the trolling caps are not running straight, then you can tune it by blending eye ring little to the one side or another side with some pliers.
  • According to the rule of thumb, you should use more natural color lures in the clear water and try to use brighter color in the murkier water. On the sunny days you should start with the lighter color lures and on the overcast days try to start with the darker shades as it will be easy for the fishes to see in the water.
  • Many time if we talk about lures then size and the action of lures are a matter more than the color of the lure, so make sure that you get lures with right quantity and movement.   
  • Be sure sharpen all the hooks of lures at all the times. If it does not dig into your nail of the finger, then take the file and sharpen the hook.
  • If the water is highly pressurized, then keep scaling down the tackle both in terms of line size and lure size. It will be fantastic if you catch the large fish in the small lures. 

These are some tips which you can use for fishing with the lures.