There’s a bit of a story to this pic. We got to Browns Mountain about 7am cracking day flat as, we started to cube and never broke the trail all day damn it was boring not a touch no surface action nothing, soaked livies on the surface and down low. Come about 4 in the arvo and then it started first Rod with a livie under a ballon started to scream for the next two hrs or so it was chaos had them at the back of the boat ranging from jelly beans to about 40kg.I can remember seeing Sonny landing smaller ones by hoisting them out of the water like the old long polers used to do but catching them under his arm like footballs, unhooking and passing them back to the ocean in about 30 seconds. So good. Decide to head back in just after 6 and when we got back into radio range the two way starts going nuts, coast guard calling us cops looking for us on land and sea. It turns out my Missus got worried because she couldn’t contact us for so long she called the coast guard. This fish is my biggest to date, as you can see my other mates Rod went nuts while tying to take this pic that’s what he’s looking at. Doesn’t get much better than that. Good time Good mates Great fish.??

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