Cups and Mugs

Consumption of coffee is considerably high compared to any other drinks in our lives. But the way people drink their coffee can differ. For example some like it to be more black while others prefer it to be mixed with milk or cream etc. Having a coffee while you are fishing will refresh you and gives energy to continue.And choosing the right mug for you is essential as well. What are the things that you should consider when you want to buy a fishing mug?


The first and most important aspect of any product is the material. There are different materials used to design mugs, plastic, porcelain, glass or stainless steel etc. Some of them are made with a combination of stainless steel and plastic as well.

The brag.fishingperosanalised mugs are made with porcelain. Therefore the heat of the coffee will retain for a longer period than a mug made of any other materials. Purchasing a mug made with porcelain or ceramic is the ideal choice for fishing enthusiasts.


Coffee mugs come is different shapes.  These different shaped coffee cups will suit different people. Hence the handle of the coffee mug should be comfortable easy to ceramic fishing cups are designed to be lightweight and right size. It is way easier to enjoy your coffee while holding your fishing rod from the other hand making your fishing experience more exciting and enjoyable.


The size of the coffee mug is important. A standard coffee mug usually holds upto 12 ounces of coffee. But it can be lower or higher based on different manufacturers. But it is always better to purchase a standard size coffee for a single serve. Hilux addiction Mug is designed for a single serve.  You can drink fresh coffee anytime you want. Since the mug is in perfect size, there wont be any excessive coffee in your mug. The cup will hold the perfect amount of coffee per average person.

Perosnalized Mugs

Did you know that you can get your fishing mug customized? Imagine that you need a photo of you fishing or a special wording to be printed to your coffee mug. Wouldn’t it be exciting? You do not have to look any further to get it done. Simply place an order on and get your own personalized coffee mug.

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