A decal is a sticker that can be pasted outdoor of a vehicle.  These are purely done for decorative purpose or the marketing purpose.   They can add extra beauty, an attraction or a personality to your vehicle.  Do you know the main difference between a decal and a sticker? The decals have 3 layers. The design is printed in between the rest of the two layers. The vinyl or a clear polyester paper is used to print the decals.

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Why Should You Apply A Fishing Decal on Your Vehicle?

The decals are customizable.  A vehicle comes with a regular solid color and the freedom to customize them is limited. But with a decal, you can customize any image or wording that you wish to stick on your vehicle.For example, high-quality images such as products, slogans, marketing messages and logos etc. can be easily painted on the vinyl car wraps.

The second reason is, that these fishing decals are reversible. Imagine that you are painting a car with different car paints for a custom look. Will you be able to reverse it back? Indeed, you can change the color of your vehicle. But it will be expensive and time-consuming.

But you can easily remove the decal from your vehicle without damaging the paint. So you do not have to regret after placing a decal on your vehicle.

How to Apply A Decal on My Vehicle?

First, you have to select the decal that you love to have on your vehicle. There are many options available at Custom fishing decals are available exclusively for fishermen. You just have to select any design you prefer and place the order.

Next, you have to apply your fishing decal on the body of your vehicle. At this step, paying attention to details is very important. You should select where you are going to place the custom decal.  To do this,  place the decal on the vehicle and check how it is going to look. If the decal is too big, you may have to apply it on several parts of the body step by step. Therefore, you may have to split or cut the decal into a few separate pieces and apply them one by one.

Next, you must clean the area that you are going to place the fishing decal.  Clean the body area using a soft cloth. You can use alcohol or water to clean the surface and then wipe to make it completely dry. Otherwise, the adhesive of the decal may not function as they are supposed to be.

Next, you should use a tape measure and find the center of the decal. Then mark the center and edges of each piece on the body of the car. You can use chalk to mark the edges of the decal. Now peel off the sticker of your custom decal. To do this, you need to heat the decal. You can simply use a hairdryer to peel the sticker off.

The heat will help to release the adhesive easily. But you should not remove the decal sticker completely. It should be done little by little starting from edges. Now place your fishing decal on the marked edges and begin to apply it on the body of the vehicle. Get help from a family member or a friend and ask them to firmly press down the decal on to the surface of the vehicle. For this, you should use something flat such as a credit card.

At this point, the decal should be pulled tight to prevent the air bubble that can leave between the decal and the surface of the vehicle. Continue this process until all the pieces are placed accurately. But do not immediately remove the transfer tape off the decal.  Because you should leave it under direct sunlight. This will ensure and increase bonding speed.

After 30 minutes or an hour later, peel off the transfer tape of your fishing decal. Start it from one edge. You should be careful and maintain a steady and slow movement to peel them off. This would ensure that the decal is unharmed while peeling the layers off.

Finally, use a sharp edge such as a credit card and make sure the decal is fully attached to the surface of your vehicle.

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