Phone cases

We are used to buying a new phone at least in two years of gap. So, it is very important to protect our smartphones in good condition during this period. We should avoid our smartphones getting broken or damage during a drop. The only available options for protection are phone cases and tempered glasses. Let’s find out what are the things you should consider before purchasing a phone case.

There are some basic things that you should be aware of before purchasing a smartphone case.

  • Model of Your Smartphone (Ex: iPhone 11, Samsung s20, Oneplus 8 etc.)
  • Do you prefer light and sleek or heavy-duty performances?
  • Do you often drop your phone accidentally?
  • Do you often go tooutdoor activities?

Slim Skin Phone Cases

The slim skin phone cases are the most affordable type of smartphone cases. Sometimes these phone cases come along with the phone. They are transparent phone cases made of premium vinyl or silicon.  But they are fragile and less likely to prevent damages during a drop. It is better to have at least that phone case until you purchase a better design. But there are some silicon material cases which are durable enough to protect your smartphone.

Bumper Phone Cases

The bumper phone cases are designed as a rectangular metal frame. The rectangular shape frame is very strong and it lies around each corner of the phone. Because it is intended to protect your smartphone during a drop or an accidental bump on an objective. Some of the bumper cases come along with the plastic or glass back to protect the rear side of the phone.

Wallet Phone Cases

The slim phone case and bumper phone covers will not reduce the damage that can happen on to your mobile phone display. The wallet phone cases are the solution to this. The wallet phone covers have a lid that can cover the screen as well. Some designs come with a magnet to attach both sides of the case while the others come with a strap or any other method.

These type of phone covers will help to reduce the damage during a drop and getting unexpected scratches on your phone’s display. Imagine that you are keeping your phone inside the trouser pockets along with keys or coins. These types of objects can scratch the display of your phone. Latest mobile phones come with under-display fingerprint readers and cameras as well. So, it will be expensive to replace them when they are damaged. Therefore, having a wallet phone case is a wise decision.

Hence the wallet phone covers come with extra pockets which you can use to store your credit cards, ID, Licence and debit cards etc. This will make your life easy by letting you quick access to your cards and IDs. On the other hand, some wallet phone cases are designed to be used as a phone holder. You can turn the lid other way around and hold the phone on a table. This would help you to watch your favorite sports or movies without holding your phone in your hand.

The material of the Phone Covers

Next, you have to consider the type of material you are going to purchase. There are several types of materials that have been used to manufacture the phone cases.

Rubber Phone cases are the most common type of material used for bumper cases.  The premium rubber phone covers come with greater elasticity to absorb the pressure during a drop. Silicon or Gel phone cases are very flexible and fragile. But they are most likely to be less expensive. The leather material is generally used for the wallet phone cases and this gives a premium look to the phone cases. But the material is not limited to the wallet phone cases. Hence the leather phone cases tend to be comparatively durable and expensive. The metal is the other great option of the phone cases which offers the best protection to your phone.

At last, no matter what, you should select a nice design which makes you happy. You can purchase personalised phone cases according to your preferences. The custom phone cases may look good on your phone as well. Now you can simply order your premium and personalised phone case on Use this link

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